Examination management

The examination management system of our school ERP deals with numerous operations of examination processes such as conducting, scheduling, evaluating, etc. Conduct examinations for the students of all the classes having at least 30 students present in each is a cumbersome job but if the schools having automated examination management module then the same operations are performing within minutes or hours rather than days or weeks. 

Along with scheduling, there are few different operations to consider like create question papers, make examination sitting arrangements, generate grade books and more. 


  • Organizing exams based on classes, subjects, timings and evaluation system(CCE or GPA) 
  • Assigning invigilators classwise
  • Notify parents about the result reports or announcements and attendance of their children 
  • Student assessment
  • Easy calculation of results 
  • Grading management
  • Scoring and score analysis
  • Generate certificates
  • Online posting of exam schedules 
  • Staff examination timetable schedule
  • Curriculum planning