Robotization or automation in education changing the whole management of the schools, colleges, institutes, and universities. We all know that ERP software plays an important role in making the educational organizations more brilliant, making administration processes simpler, quicker, and likewise increase productivity.

In simple words, the ERP system is beneficial to all the departments of the school, teachers, students, administrators, and improve their communication as well as making data/information stored super easy. Moreover, it is the best digitization tool that saves cost, resources, and time, thus achieving high ROI.

Here are some of the 5 major ways which can increase productivity in educational organizations:

  • Automated attendance management

To know the punctuality of the students, teachers, and other staff, attendance is very important, and to maintain as well as manage such important tasks is easily handled by the online attendance management module of school management software. Various activities like maintaining bulky attendance records, generating reports, and calculating attendance percentage combined to make a big task which takes up your very valuable time but it is just a matter of seconds or minutes with the campus ERP system.

School Manager ERP has a biometric/RFID attendance management system that can save the precious time of teachers that they can utilize in other important tasks. In addition, it automatically generates a daily attendance report for each student.

  • Boost resource management 

The ERP system is a reliable tool that integrates the processes of many departments that work on a single platform, therefore, it makes it simpler to follow all the assets consistently.

Be it student records, teacher details, classroom management, library management, hostel, stationery, etc, you can keep each of these records in an efficient way. In short, resources management gets simpler, less complex, and quicker with the help of automation.

  • Systematic administrative management 

Beginning from the admissions to the results, the ERP can deal with the entire life cycle of the students. It builds the students’ involvement in class, teachers, administrators, and improves the relationship between them.

It reduces the workload on the administrators and teachers and gives them an opportunity to focus on their respective works. It helps higher authorities in faster decision making. At last, it assists in bringing productive administration management.

  • Faster fee and bill payments

At present, online payment is an ideal method in all sectors. Educational organizations likewise experience numerous online payments such as admission fees, tuition fees, examination fees, hostel fees, etc. Similarly, the school ERP assists with digitizing fee and bill payments. This makes the parents, students, and staff members for easy management of the financial records.

Moreover, you can also set up alert messages, alarms, push notifications, etc to notify the parents. They can get the receipts and different records from their entries.

  • Effectual cost-saving and high ROI

Implementation of an ERP system at first seems to be costly but in the long term, it saves IT and hardware cost, document management, stationery cost, and many administration processes, for that reason, it achieves high ROI.

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