At present, every manual strategy or method is completely replaced by advanced technology and the same happens in the case of the education industry too. Today, plenty of educational organizations implementing school ERP integrated with examination management system facilities along with a user-friendly application. By utilizing this tech-driven piece, the examination conducting process is just a few clicks away that empowers to manage, plan and assess examinations and subsequently raise the standard of education.

In this system, the use of human intervention is negligible. The system likewise makes it extremely simple for schools to create reports dependent on different tests/assignments that they are conducting. The whole operations are performed in an automated manner and very little time is required to generate the reports. On account of the measurable information and charts utilized in these reports, it is feasible for the schools/colleges/universities to show an improved perspective on the reports.

Apart from this, there are lots of other benefits of school ERP embedded with an examination management system that would assist you in understanding its utility in detail.

  • Hassle-free and intuitive examination conduction: Manual organization and test assignments create stress and confusion for the educators. Educators are required to work at the same time on several aspects engaged with assessments/examinations that influence their efficiency as well as prompts mistakes. Assign invigilators, answer sheets rectification and so on can cause extraordinary pressure. Therefore, with a digitized examination management system, a lot of desk work diminishes. Moreover, the system can securely record all student data, thus, reduces the chances of fraud and commence an authentic exam.
  • Effective time management: Conducting examinations manually requires efforts and a lot of time to design out different activities, for example, make question papers, the printing of answer sheets and question paper, assigning invigilators for each examination hall, seating arrangements for students appearing for the exams,  and substantially more. Aside from the time-utilization factor, it seems to be an intimidating task for the administration department as well as the staff. Managing time and human efforts are perfectly handled by an examination management system.
  • Accurate results: Result reports play an important role to know the performance of the students. Creating results reports by educators using manual methods or procedures may have chances of errors. School ERP software furnished with examination management feature can automatically calculate the marks and precisely gives result reports of each student in no time. On top of that, all the result reports information to be stored in a secure platform that can only be accessible by authorized users.
  • Assess result reports from anywhere and anytime: The students can see their result reports anytime and anywhere in logging their unique ID’s. In other words, the students need not present on the campus to know their result reports.

Finally, the examination management system can totally play a significant role in plugging the gaps in the examination structure. What’s more, it saves time, assets and cost as well.