ERP software has become a basic need for any organization, and for the education industry, it’s become a necessity. It not only saves our time but also improves any organization work efficiency and productivity in a managed and organized way also in a safe and secure manner

Cloud-based ERP is the best way to do hassle-free work and makes your life easier.

But By using old methods of managing data manually can’t be helpful in managing 100% data security & management.

Data is the new oil.  “Clive Humby”

These are old methods when Educational institutions have been managing and recording their data on paper. It is a very difficult and time-consuming task such as updating student’s information marking daily attendance, history of grades, etc.  They need to maintain heaps of files for every single task. However, when we speak of student data security, the paperwork seems a shallow method and doesn’t guarantee that data will be safe. In case, if a senior authority or a teacher misplaces an important file, then they’ll right away lose the sensitive student or employee-related data, and the probability of an outsider misusing the information becomes high.

Without big data, you are blind and deaf and in the middle of a freeway.” ~ Geoffrey Moore.

But by implementing a Cloud-based ERP Campus Management Software is a never-failing way that would help you to secure your data and besides that, it will streamline all the operations and increase the efficiency and productivity of the organization.

One should understand that data security should be the first priority as any misuse of data may lead to various negative impacts that may affect the academic and personal lives of many students and can also destroy their future.

  • Complete academic data of students such as grades, scores, student performance could be easily manipulated.
  • Hackers can encroach and send spam emails.
  • One can steal personal information such as the name, address, and age of students for wicked criminal activities.

And I think No organization would want to boost such activities and ruin the lives of children, right?

So, it’s important to take steps right now in order to maintain a perfect balance.

The easiest way to achieve student data security is by implementing ERP software.

One may think that suspicious people may intrude and can hack or steal your data, as everything is online?

To avoid such unfortunate incidents, a cloud-based ERP system uses encrypted transmission and empowers admin or management to assign role-based access to teachers, staff, and other faculty. They can even limit the visibility of data according to the assigned person.

Upgrading to cloud ERP software doesn’t mean that you would require a team of technical people or any expertise. The software is updated automatically.

Benefits of Cloud School ERP software:

  1. Data is fully secure.
  2. No need to invest a lot in hardware.
  3. Low maintenance cost.
  4. There is the confidence that the data is been backed and in case of any error occurs, data is easily recovered disaster recovery plan.
  5. Due to storing data on Cloud, there is a chance to avoid attacks in the company’s server as the whole data is stored on the cloud.

For a smooth process make sure your data is in safe hands. Always choose trustworthily and experienced ERP software.

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