ECA/Event Management

Extra-curricular activities or other events are likewise essential parts of the school. The activities or events conducted by schools on a daily basis require efficient management that can only be possible through an automated ECA/event management module. The system is well suited for handling a wide range of activities or events such as clubs, sports, curricular lessons, annual functions/events, participants’ details, organizers or panel team and more. 

The system is truly adaptable and saves lots of time of any college, school or institution. The event calendar is used for complete automation and easy coordination.

  • Create and manage different activities or events 
  • Organizers can easily offer events/activities to the students and staff online 
  • Event news sent to parents, faculty, and students through emails, messages or push notifications
  • Managing participants with just a few mouse clicks 
  • Setup events calendar
  • Online result displays 
  • Inter-zone cultural and sports activities
  • Activities students attendance
  • Results distribution