School Management Software Modules

School Management software comes up with an amazing set of modules that are dynamically managed with added features.  Let’s have a look. 

Student Management

The student management module deals with the student registration and admission processes. In this module, all the records of the students are to be maintained in a secure platform so that nobody can access such records. 


By utilizing our finance module, you are able to perform all finance operations within minutes or hours. This integrated double-entry accounting system provides better upkeep of records.

Human Resource management

The Human Resource module of our school management software is utilized to streamline the whole employment cycle in either big or small organizations in a hassle-free manner. It is a complete package to optimize HR applications.

Front office management

School management software offers a robotized front office management module for performing numerous accounting operations. This module provides high-end customizable solutions to deal with the visitors’ tracking and their interactions.

Hostel/Boarding Management

This module offers full accommodation to effectively deal with the whole residential facility in the school. Lessen the staff efforts and paperwork, the hostel management module will well-maintained the hosteller’s records or information, daily attendance, meal, lodging, inventory items, transfer room, laundry and more. 


This cloud-based system makes administration operations simple and easy. This software dealing with numerous methods of communication, guarantee proficiency and maintains consistency in upgradations.


Our inventory management module assist you in managing the organizations’ inventory effectively and efficiently. The module keeps track of inventory transactions, buy/confirm orders.

Library Management

To maintain and manage the library in a well-organized way, our team designed a user-friendly RFID based library management system. This system can make library-related tasks simpler and easy through digitization. 

Payroll Module

The payroll module aims to automate generate the salaries of employees and staff. A complete procedure of payroll incorporates salaries calculations, deductions, additions/bonus & final payment of all teaching and non-teaching staff.

ECA/Event Management

The system is well suited for handling a wide range of activities or events such as clubs, sports, curricular lessons, annual functions/events, participants’ details, organizers or panel team and more. 

Fee management

Our School Management Software fee management module makes the complex fee-related operations simple, error-free and secure. Moreover, this system will help the fee collection staff to utilize their time efficiently. 


The daily academic performance can be easily accessed by parents using academics module. The parents can track progress reports, home assignments, daily class attendance through push notifications or messages. 

Transportation and Tracking System

Our transportation management module deals with such regular needs which direct vehicles along with route allocation. It enables you to add/delete/edit any vehicle as required.

Parent management

Our school management software introduces one separate portal for parents to know about their children’s performance on a daily basis. In such a way, the communication gap between parents, teachers, and students can fill up.

Examination Management

The examination management system of our school ERP deals with numerous operations of examination processes such as conducting, scheduling, evaluating, etc. Moreover, generates question paper automatically. 

Mobile Application

School management software has a mobile application available for both Android and iPhone users. It builds a strong connection between faculty, students, and parents as they can view all necessary information.