Payroll Module

The payroll module aims to automate generate the salaries of employees and staff. A complete procedure of payroll incorporates salaries calculations, deductions, additions/bonus and a final payment of all teaching and non-teaching staff. Our payroll management module makes the payroll processing less time-consuming, effortless and mainly save the resources. 

It makes the payroll work simple and easy as compared to the traditional method because manually there are more chances of error i.e accuracy is not there. The most important thing is it promotes a paper-friendly environment as the system is completely paperless. The whole data is stored in a single remote location and only accessed by accessible users. 

  • Allocate additional time record of teachers/employees is easily maintained
  • Pay Band assignment 
  • A daily record of staff attendance 
  • Create a bonus/deduction layout
  • Generates payroll smoothly
  • Payslip and payroll letters