RFID Library Management

The library is an important part of every educational organization. To maintain and manage the library in a well-organized way, our team designed a user-friendly RFID based library management system. This system can make library-related tasks simpler and easy through digitization. 

In this system, one can handle all information relating to library stocks which include a record of newspapers, magazines/journals, list reservations of online fine collection, books management, books return/issue records, etc. The best part is this system supports easy searching of books due to the presence of tags and sensors. 

The module provides features as follows:

  • Automated management of text materials like journals/magazines
  • Daily newspaper tracking and managing records
  • Books demand option
  • Library dashboard
  • Fees dues and collection
  • DDC classification
  • Stock of books 
  • Book queue demand
  • Generate automated recipes for book issuing 
  • Standardized identification based library cards are possible