Transportation management and online tracker

It is seen that almost every school has a transportation system. Like other departments, transportation is also a cumbersome task that needs the safety and security of the students as well as other operations like assigning routes, vehicle names, assign driver & conductor to each vehicle along with details, etc. Manual management of transportation on a daily basis is a hectic task especially if the campus incorporates a large number of students and staff members.

Our transportation management module deals with such regular needs which direct vehicles along with route allocation. It enables you to add/delete/edit any vehicle as required. It makes the new routes assigning and boarding points simple. The GPS tracker is embedded in the system to get the Live location of the vehicle.

  • Create routes and boarding points automatically 
  • Allot students & staff members to vehicles
  • Easily manage transportation information of drivers, conductors, and vehicles
  • Vehicle logbook maintenance
  • Vehicle repair and service details 
  • Managing database of conductors and drivers
  • GPS tracker is present to know the vehicle location