At present, manual processes completely replaced by new technology in every sector and the same happens in the case of schools also. Systematic management of daily activities makes the school functioning smooth and steady. But the question arises how all these operations going smooth especially for big schools. The answer is digitization.

Even after the digitization spreading all across the world rapidly, there are still some schools that stay manual and obsolete in managing processes. Indeed, even right up till today, most schools are utilizing the deep-rooted manual procedures to keep up records and student information. Before going to the main topic, let’s discuss first what are manual and automated processes.

Manual processes are those that are handled or controlled by human administrators naturally. The full control is in the hands of humans. Earlier, schools implemented such procedures.

Automated processes refer to the robotized form of manual procedures that cuts human intervention, time is taken to achieve the procedure through a regular way, and overhead charges like paper and pen. Digitized processes are likewise self-roused after they have been started they once in a while need human action until completion.

Now come to the main point why schools must switch to cloud-based school management software:

It is a very tedious job to maintain records or information manually. In case of any error, update, addition, and deletion, it takes an eternity to do so. The additional endeavors should have been placed in the decline of the worker’s productivity.

At the same time, having school management software effectively speeds up database entry process and retrieval as well as the update also gets fast. This way less time is consumed and indirectly laborers’ productivity increases.

Prone to error:
It is evident that doing work manually always prone to errors because nobody is perfect. Since manual procedures are constrained by a human administrator, there are more prominent chances of having errors.

By introducing school management software in schools, all the administrative and academic information maintained without errors. Handling complex calculations also easy and there are no chances of skipping data while updating the information.

Loss of data:
It is seen many times that manual records may be damaged due to any natural calamity like flood, fire, etc. Moreover, agents like pests may destroy data maintained on papers. In short, data is not secure when maintained manually.

With advanced school management software, the data or information is stored in a single remote location and only accessible users can access such information. It cannot be destroyed by any agent nor would it be able to be taken.

High maintenance costs:
Manual record-keeping requires a great deal of paperwork and effort in maintaining the paper and documents. Appropriate precautionary measures should be taken to make them safe which are often expensive.

The online school ERP software is a one-time investment. It needs zero or low maintenance costs. Safety and security are the main things every educational organization wants in maintaining their important information.

It is because of the above reasons that the education industry is totally moving towards digitization by discarding the ordinary manual record-keeping methods. In simple words, due to the substantial heaps of records, many schools go for automation.